“Halbite” (“The Beer Mug”)

“Halbite” (This means “The Beer Mugs” in Bulgarian) is a chain of beer houses, dating back to the distant 2000 when we enthusiastically created the first one of them. Here you’ll find the best selection of local and imported beers, served at an appropriate temperature in unique mugs, accompanied by the right dish! Whether you’re looking for a light lager, a strong stout, ale, wheat, white, bock or fruit beer - you’ll find any taste in our beer houses. Some kinds of draught beers, as well as most of the rare bottled beers, are available only in our beer house.

And since we are convinced that good beer deserves a good appetizer, we pay special attention to the food we serve. We use only fresh non-frozen local meat products, high quality dairy products and daily delivered vegetables.

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