Club cards

Terms of use of “Halbite” Bees Houses club cards:

- Club cards are not personalized and can be used by anyone else.

- Club cards give their holder a 10% discount from 10.00 a.m. to 4, p.m. every day in all the three beer houses - 72„Neofit Rilski“ Sr., 13 “Three ushi” Str.and 41„Cherkovna“ Str.

- Apart from the above mentioned discount, every visit may earn you bonus points, regardless of the hour. The points are automatically collected in the club card for every 20 BGN of your bill. For example, you will earn 1 point if your bill is 20 BGN; 2 points for 40 BGN; 3 points for 60 BGN etc. Our staff will duly inform you about the current status of the collected bonus points.

- Each bonus point is equal to 1 BGN. After earning 20 bonus points you are free to use them anytime in order to pay your bill. You just need to tell your waiter that you will use your bonus points for payment. If the bonus points are not sufficient to cover your current bill, you may just pay the remainder. If they exceed the amount, the remainder of the points will be kept in your club card for future use.